The story of Eventomatic

Arash Pessian

London, 31 October 2016. You take a picture of an event poster, appointment card, email invite—anything with event information on it. While the picture is sitting in your camera roll, Eventomatic will automatically transcribe it and put it into your favorite calendar.

We all love the look of those artsy event flyers on telephone poles, bulletin boards and campus halls but who among us actually takes the time to enter the information into a calendar? Yeah, if you’re really clever, you’ll take a photo of the flyer… then forget all about it.

Particularly sympathetic to the lazy in all of us, Arash Pessian has created an App that automatically transforms pictures into calendar entries. With a single click, Eventomatic transcribes the event poster, appointment card, or any written date and puts it in your favorite calendar saving you time and fat-finger errors. Works with Google, iCloud, Yahoo!, Outlook, Exchange, and what-have-you. It even stores the photo of the flashy flyer that initially inspired you in case your attendance requires artistic motivation.

While Eventomatic was just launched in London, and is essential for any over-scheduled urbanite, it was originally conceived of in quite a different climate. Seeking solace while working on his graduate degree, Arash moved into an arctic yurt in Fairbanks, Alaska with his girlfriend. Certainly, he thought, his dissertation would write itself in the the round creative space of a yurt. Even their dog George would achieve flow chasing squirrels up birch trees and beyond. Procrastination was challenging in these ideal working conditions but Arash managed to find a way. To avoid the pain of dissertation writing, Arash learned to code.

Eager to apply his new diversion, Arash considered possible apps. Inspiration struck him while walking home one cold night. He saw an advertisement for a promising garage sale that he wanted to check out. He fumbled with his gloves and tapped on his phone to record the event into his calendar.  The result of this momentary but common annoyance was the app before you: Eventomatic!

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Available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Remember great events and important appointments with Eventomatic.